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stepman_jarret_tds-200x200By Jarrett Stepman ~

Background from Australia:

There’s a 15 hour time difference between the U.S. and where I live here in Australia, so the actual counting for the results started here in Australia at around 9AM on the Wednesday morning, and I watched it all day at the Politico site, where it had the State by State results. I watched as States were moved into that Electoral College count for either Donald Trump or for Hillary Clinton. The last States to enter the count were the West Coast States, Washington (State)  Oregon, Nevada and California, and then the last two States, Alaska and Hawaii. At the same time as I was watching that Electoral College count, I was also watching the overall Popular Vote count. Prior to the California count coming into play, Donald Trump was well ahead in that Popular Vote by more than two million votes. California…

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